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Group Photos from the 1st Formal Evening!

Video of Formal Evening with full size photos above in the gallery!

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Princess Ship Port Excursions

Shore Trips used by Cruise Planners!

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Photos by Phil

Photos of Jon & Glenda

Trip Photos by Carrol

This 2017 Cruise Trip Photos were last updated on - 11/19/2017  06:01  pm  CST       by Ron | We are all back safe & sound!   Many more photos to follow.....

Tap on the map Pin Points below and be linked to the respective Port of Call & Excursion Info ▼

Completed web site projects

 10-Ports of Call Map  & Princess Tours below: updated

      for all Ports of Call from: Rome  to Toulon, France! 

10-Ship Trips excursions: Started for Dubrovnik 

  9-Shore Excursions tours: Started for Dubrovnik 

  8-Ship tracker & web cam added to this page

  7-Rome Excursions Page setup

  6-Transports - Hotels to Ports are added costs!

  5-Princess link to Check-in & Cruise Planner

  4-Created Section for "Blogs from the Internet"

  3-Pre & post Hotels page setup

  2-Link to Facebook CalCoTex World Travelers

  1-Photos of travelers + Links to web tour sites

Items NOT on anybody's mind yet!

 1 - What do we pack and what do we wear?

 2 - Is everyone's passport up to-date?  No!

 3 - What is the currency in Montenegro?

 4 - How many bags to carry and weight limits?

 5 - What type of elect. adapters for Italy & Spain?

 6 - Let be known if one can think of any more???

 7 - ?

To Do Items NOT Completed!

 1 - Upload Info by each Port with Excursion Lists,

       to include photos, maps & tour descriptions.

 2 - 

 3 - 

 4 -

 5 -            

TO ▼ Hotel Reviews & in Rome Excursions in Rome ▼

☺Ports of Call Maps by Day & with Dock Times☺

Med Ports of Call mapCrop

Link to the Royal Princess Web Site for all the Decks & Cabins

Blog Section for Articles found on the Net...

TO ► Hotel Reviews in Barcelona & the Rome Hotel dei Mellini

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