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2019 Club Officers

  • Kathy & Cal Jennings
  • Zaidy & Jim Locke
  • Diana & Bob McComas
  • Sandra & Robert Voigt
  • Galen & Carol Sloan
  • Peggy Wilson & Ron Kissner

Site was last update on 04/26/19 - 11 pm  -  with the new updated 2019 Camping Schedule and a map of the Mineola Civic Center RV Park for new members and visitors!

Sandra & Benny Garcia - 03/19

Most Recent Members to join Cool Sams

Russ & Shirley Majors - 2/19

Russ & Shirley Majors

Tom & Sally Roach - 06/18

Tom & Sally Roach

Terry & Jeanne Tillman - 12/17

Terry & Jeanne Tillman

Sally & Jack Friedlander - 12/16

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Trip Planner on Good Sams Site

Photos for Rene' & Ron Boullion, State Directors

2019 Texas State RV Good Sams Rally Photos

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Web Site for Mineola RV Park! Click on image to browse

2019 Mini-Rally for the SE Regional Texas Good Sams RV Clubs

▲ If any club members would like to contribute photos from Poche's in Louisiana & the Palo Duro Canyon trips or other campouts, please let me know.  I can setup an upload page for members to access and  then I can move the files into photo galleries on Smugmug. ▲

Slideshow Videos of Campouts

Coushatte Christmas Dec 2016

Mini Rally at Coushatte - March 2016

Rockport Hummingbirds Sept 2015

Bellville Castle - Dec 2014

Previous Campout Locations noted by "Drop Pins" on Google Maps


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